Bananas !!! (Yes we have no bananas!)

The banana is an exception to my color code since it is white on the inside and the yellow outside is not edible. It has fiber and potassium but is not otherwise a rich source of phytonutrients. The typical large banana has 200 calories of carbohydrate so it is a great pre-workout snack similar to a sugary sports drink. In fact, a study has shown that a popular sports drink and a banana were both similar energy sources in an exercise test.

Like many modern fruits and vegetables, the banana is the result of multiple crosses which result in a sterile mutant, just as a mule is a cross between a donkey and a horse that cannot reproduce.  The ancestor of the banana is a small fruit with very large black seeds and a liquidy pulp, but all that is left of the seeds in the modern banana are little black dots you sometimes see.

The modern banana is the best selling fruit in America, since it comes in a convenient package that is easy to peel and it has a sweet taste. Bananas would not be so prominent in our food supply  except for the invention of the cardboard box as this banana is easily bruised. They are grown in tropical regions around the world and get here by ship. It genetics is all about making sugar and as it ripens more and more sugar is made. Most American consumers prefer the partially ripe banana shown here with yellow skin and some green on the stem, and use fully ripe bananas in smoothies as they are sweeter than firm bananas.

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Bananas !!!

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