Don’t Skip Breakfast to Lose Weight

About 50% of teenage girls skip breakfast thinking it will help them lose weight or simply to save time getting out of the house in the morning. However, this makes it harder for their bodies and minds to work in the mid-morning. Eating a high protein breakfast along with healthy carbohydrates provides energy for school work and exercise in the morning. A study done at the University of Missouri by Dr. Heather Leidy assigned a group of female teenage breakfast-skippers to either a high or low protein breakfast. As expected, the teenagers who ate the higher protein breakfast were less hungry during the morning hours. Dr. Leidy also provided a small cart stocked with high fat/high sugar snack foods. It turned out that those eating the higher protein breakfast also ate less of the provided snack foods later in the day.

So be sure to have a high protein breakfast every day. I like to prepare a soy shake wth frozen berries, and soy milk providing about 25 grams of protein. Egg whites have about 6 grams of protein each and I sometimes eat 4 boiled egg whites when traveling at a hotel buffet to get my protein. One thing is clear. A typical bowl of cereal with some splashes of milk just doesn’t cut it when it comes to protein and hunger control


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