Global Obesity Epidemic – How and Why?

The story of how a short baby becomes a fat adult as the result of epigenetics in the uterus is also the explanation for the GLOBAL NUTRITION TRANSITION, where overweight and obesity was observed in many countries around the world where only malnutrition existed for many centuries

I had the opportunity to visit Peru where there are three zones of the Global Nutrition Transition. Most of the country has small short children and short adults. However there are some areas with small children and obese adults. In the prosperous coastal regions near Lima, there are both obese children and obese adults.

The mismatch of uterine epigenetics and the prevalent diets and lifestyles around the world account for much of the obesity epidemic and the associated diseases. For the first time in human history, there are more overweight than underweight people in the world and we are in the midst of a worldwide obesity epidemic.

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