Your Genes Change Over a 24 hour period through Epigenetics

Genes change their activity in response to external factors such a nutrition with milk sugars, but also change every day over a 24 hour period. The gastrointestinal tract contains 14 trillion bacteria making up what is called the MICROBIOME. These bacteria change during the day as you consume and digest food. They feast on what you leave behind creating smaller molecules that can be reabsorbed into the body where they impact your daily rhythm. About 40 percent of all the genes regulating the breakdown and distribution of nutrients vary their activity during the day and night.

Every night after you go to sleep, you activate the processes used to survive starvation. By the morning when you awake, there are measurable levels of ketone bodies in the air you breathe out. Ketone bodies are formed from fat and allow humans to survive up to 6 months with adequate hydration, vitamins, and minerals on no food. This adaptation is so essential for humans that it is initiated as soon as there is no food intake which happens when you are asleep. This is how “breakfast” got its name, you are breaking the fast during sleep. It is also why breakfast is the most important high protein meal of the day.

The processes regulating the turning on and off of genes, is called EPIGENETICS. The regulation of genes during the day and in response to many things in the environment including light, food, temperature, exercise, vitamins, minerals, bacteria, and even social interaction is as important as the genes you have at birth in all the cells of your body.

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