The Right Way to Squat; Proper Form to Build Your Glutes and Posture

Many people don’t know how to squat for maximum benefit. The squat exercise should target your butt muscle called the gluteus maximus or glute for short. In order to target these important muscles, you should concentrate on pushing your butt backwards without moving your knees forward. You can practice this move in front of a mirror or wall by standing about 4 inches away from the wall. Stick your rear end backward but do not let your kneecaps hit the wall as you do this move. Then bend forward while keeping good posture with your shoulders back and your back flat.

Move slowly and stay aware of the muscles as they move correctly. When you have bent over and down as much as possible, push your knees apart while wearing a stretch band for extra tension on your gluteal muscles. Then push up from your heels and contract the glutes when standing up straight. The gluteal muscles are vital for good posture.

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