Chefs and Flavor Chemists Using Big Data Will Work Together to Enhance the Flavor of Healthy Foods in the Future

In recent research reported in Science magazine, the chemicals that create the desirable flavors of a tomato based on consumer interviews were isolated together with the genes coding for these chemicals in typical tomato varieties. Most of these chemicals are flavors and scents related to chemicals carried through the air from the tomato and contributing to the flavor of the tomato when eaten. A hothouse-grown tomato or vine-ripened tomato is better tasting than a typical market tomato selected for firmness and the ability to be transported without bruising. As a result of this research, it will someday be possible to identify strains of tomato.  Through traditional crossing methods without using genetic modification or GMO, it will be possible to develop better-tasting tomatoes with greater health value.


Tieman D, Zhu G, Resende MF Jr, Lin T, Nguyen C, Bies D, Rambla JL, Beltran,KS, Taylor M, Zhang B, Ikeda H, Liu Z, Fisher J, Zemach I, Monforte A, Zamir D, Granell A, Kirst M, Huang S, Klee H. A chemical genetic roadmap to improved tomato flavor. Science. 2017 Jan 27;355(6323):391-394



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