FIBER is an important nutrient that is often forgotten because it is inside of other foods.

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FIBER is an important nutrient that is often forgotten because it is inside of other foods. Fibers are filling and can help you feel satisfied after eating which can help control your weight. There are two types of fiber- soluble and insoluble based on their chemical nature, but they also have different functions in digestion. Your body and your gut bacteria both break down soluble fiber. Some bacteria grow when they eat soluble fiber so it is also called a prebiotic. Insoluble fiber like cellulose found in wood and plant parts is not digested at all even by the bacteria, but the bulk helps your gastrointestinal tract motion. So you need fiber for normal elimination which is why I used brown color for this post- you get the idea! Most Americans get only 10 grams of fiber per day because they do not eat enough fiber. Five servings per day of fruits and vegetables with 5 grams per serving found in 100 grams of many vegetables and fruits can help you reach your goal of 25 grams with only 50 to 75 Calories per serving. You can also get fiber from whole grain cereals but be sure to watch the calories as some breakfast cereals have added sugars and lots of calories. If you do not get your fiber from foods, take a fiber supplement. Your intestines will thank you every day. #drdavidheber #fiber #fruits #vegetables #wholegrain to learn more go to and

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