Control Hunger through physiology and psychology.

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Control Hunger through physiology and psychology. The physiology of hunger is based on signals from the gut to the brain. These fullness signals are triggered by protein, so a protein-enriched shake helps to control hunger. Fiber and water from fruits and vegetables also stimulate these signals along with some whole grains. However, signals from the Brain go back to the gut to tell it when to stop signaling as well. So timing your meals so you eat at the same times every day is very important. Outside stresses affect hunger as well. For this reason, psychology can override physiology and you can have cravings so that you eat even when you are not hungry. To control your urges, you need to identify your trigger foods like pizza, chips, colas, chocolate, cookies, cakes, and pastries. Then identify the stresses that drive you to those triggers. There are ways to reduce the power of those stresses I will describe in my next post. #drdavidheber #hunger #protein #fiber #fruits #vegetables #water to learn more go to and

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