Diet Myth #4: FOOD COMBINING DIETS claim that you cannot digest certain combinations of foods

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FOOD COMBINING DIETS claim that you cannot digest certain combinations of foods. For example, they recommend not eating proteins and carbohydrates in the same meal. These combination ideas are nonsense as the human intestine can digest most foods and what you don't digest is broken down by the 14 trillion bacteria in your colon. The idea that certain foods are better digested together has been written down since the Middle Ages by physicians before the process of digestion.was understood. These diets are often advertised together with approaches to irritable bowel syndrome or common intestinal complaints such as gas or bloating. The diets can lead to the elimination of foods from the diet as the idea of bad combinations grows. As the diet gets more rigid, some people lose weight temporarily or improve their intestinal symptoms creating more believers. Create your diet plan using the right amount of protein from shakes and low fat meat or fish, Colorful fruits and vegetables, limited refined carbohydrates and sugary foods and remember to get 25 grams of fiber from foods and supplements. Walking after meals and having a healthy active lifestyle will help you digest your foods and you won't need to worry about food combining. #drdavidheber #food #diet #weightloss to learn more go to and

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