Diet Myth #5: LOW FAT DIETS: Reducing fat too much makes foods lose their taste.

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LOW FAT DIETS: Reducing fat too much makes foods lose their taste. Fat helps taste and keeps the heat in cooked foods. Lowering the fat in the diet to a range between 25 and 30 percent of calories makes sense since fat has 9 Calories per gram while carbohydrate and protein have only 4 Calories per gram. The idea that low fat foods do not help with weight loss is the result of the food industry adding back sugar to make up for the taste lost by reducing fat. The most famous example is Snackwell cookies which were fat-free but had the same number of calories as a regular cookie. So when you look at a non-fat version of a food, check the total calories per portion and added sugar. Healthy fats include olive oil and avocado oil. Avoid processed snack foods with lots of hidden fat like potato chips, cakes, and pastries. When talking about fat, you also have to look at carbohydrate foods with hidden fat. So there are good and bad fats and good and bad carbs. The bad carbs are the ones with hidden fats! #drdavidheber #diet #lowfat #weightloss #carbs to learn more go to and

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