Diet Myth #6: ALKALINE DIETS and WATER don’t affect your body for health, exercise, or weight loss.

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ALKALINE DIETS and WATER don't affect your body for health, exercise, or weight loss. The acidity of foods and water is measured by the pH (short for potential of hydrogen). The pH scale runs from 0 to 14. The mouth pH is slightly acidic at pH 6.5. The most acid fluid in the body is the stomach acid which is activated by food to pH 3.5 which helps digestion. The intestinal fluid is pH 8 which is alkaline and neutralizes the stomach acid so that the small intestine does its work. The blood stays at a neutral pH of about 7.4 (7.35 to 7.45) throughout the day regardless of what you eat. If you generate more acid as you do during exercise your body gets rid of it rapidly through the lungs. You breathe out carbon dioxide which is one reason for deep breathing when you exercise. The lungs are the major way the blood stays neutral pH, but a second way is that the kidneys put ammonia out in the urine. Pure water is pH 7 and so called alkaline water has added minerals to increase the pH to 8 or 9. Artesian water which is from wells naturally is pH 8. These waters don't change your blood pH. Don't worry about acid and alkaline foods and don't waste money on artificial alkaline water. #drdavidheber #diet #water #acid #stomach #alkalinewater #weightloss to learn more go to and

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