Diet Myth #7: MEDITERRANEAN DIET is not the real thing and will not help you with weight management.

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MEDITERRANEAN DIET is not the real thing and will not help you with weight management. The idea is that this diet was developed based on the foods eaten in Ancient Greece. However, many of the foods recommended in the modern version of this diet were never available in Ancient Greece. There are lots of good things about this diet like eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. They recommend using more spices and less salt. Most famously, they recommend using olive oil instead of butter. However, with no advice to limit the amount of olive oil which has about 140 Calories per tablespoon, this advice can sabotage your weight loss plan. Many people just add olive oil to their diet and think they are on a Mediterranean Diet. Since the diet limits red meat and emphasizes poultry and fish as well as occasional red wine, there are many different studies on this diet suggesting promotion of heart health. However, there is no evidence that this diet helps with weight loss at all. There is no emphasis on plant-based proteins like soy or taking in adequate protein to control hunger or build muscle. So you can follow this general wellness eating plan that sounds as nice and relaxing by the sea, but you won't lose weight unless you do the basics of protein shakes in a plan that includes aerobic and resistance exercise. So while this diet has a lot of good aspects as far as weight loss is concerned, it is a myth!! To learn more go to and

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