Diet Myth #10: SOUP DIETS don’t work but sound good.

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SOUP DIETS don't work but sound good. The first and most famous version of this diet was The Cabbage Soup Diet where you have the soup three times a day. The idea is that the soup will be filling and you will eat fewer calories. Just as in the Juice Diets, you will lose weight temporarily from muscle and fat. You will also lose water and salt which weighs 1 kilogram or about 2 pounds per liter or quart. Water loss accounts for some of the large short term weight losses claimed in the first week of these plans. Of course, you will put the weight back when you go back to eating. Add two scoops of protein powder to your soup and you will have a more filling soup that helps you reach your daily protein goal. While soups are comforting, they should only be part of your balanced nutrition and healthy active lifestyle weight management program. #drdavidheber #diet #cabbagesoupdiet #weightloss to learn more go to and www.

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