Diet Myth #11: THE GRAPEFRUIT DIET is another quick weight loss diet.

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THE GRAPEFRUIT DIET is another quick weight loss diet. It is another low calorie, low carbohydrate diet with the added feature that you eat grapefruit three times a day and separate protein from carbohydrates by at least four hours. This diet is based on the false idea that grapefruit has a protein that can break down fat. As with other quick weight loss diets, you will lose muscle and fat and then regain weight when you go back to your usual eating habits. The grapefruit as a citrus fruit has vitamin C and antioxidants called citrus flavonoids. Grapefruit and especially grapefruit juice affect the normal metabolism of statin drugs commonly used to lower cholesterol. About 10 to 20% of people taking this drug get muscle pain. This side effect can result from high levels of drug in the blood. Doctors recommend that people on statins avoid grapefruit completely. In fact, you would have to drink double strength grapefruit juice for three days to see this effect. So unless you are on a cholesterol-lowering drug, enjoy eating grapefruit, but don't count on it causing weight loss!!! #drdavidheber #grapefruit #cholesterol #drugs to learn more go to and

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