Diet Myth #9: Juice Cleansing Diets don’t work for weight loss because they lack protein.

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Juice Cleansing Diets don't work for weight loss because they lack protein. I am a big fan of Colorful fruits and vegetables which have between 50 and 70 Calories per 100 gram portion, but juices concentrate the sugar and eliminate fiber so a glass of orange juice has 240 Calories.. By drinking juices all day you use sugar to control hunger. The calories over the whole day are very low, and sometimes these diets are called juice fasts or even the Hollywood diet as some actors use them to lose weight temporarily. The problem is that the weight you lose will be half from your body protein and muscle and half from body fat, since the diet does not have the protein you need to maintain your muscle. The sugar in the juices promotes fat gain. Fruit juices have antioxidant Phytonutrients and feed healthy bacteria in your gut as was demonstrated in recent research on juice fasts at the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition. The solution for getting weight loss and the benefits of fruit juices for their antioxidant and microbiome benefits is simple. Just add juices to a protein shake twice a day along with a balanced diet and a healthy active lifestyle! To learn more go to and

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