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CABLE PULLDOWN AND ROW: These exercises are great for the upper chest, shoulders,and upper back. You will notice your shoulder blades or scapula in the upper back come together as you pull down or row the weights. On the pull down start your hands parallel to the floor and rotate them vertically as you pull down. Do 12 repetitions with a heavy but comfortable weight, then 8 at a higher weight, and 6 at your maximum weight without straining. Form is important so always pull a weight you can handle. Keep your back straight. In the next move called the row, bring the weights back straight and close to your body. You should feel the scapulae moving together in the back as you finish the pull. Do 2 sets of 15 at a heavy weight paying attention to form. This exercise will work the arms, shoulders and lats (latissimus) muscles on the sides below your armpits. Build broad shoulders and a strong back with these two exercises in combination with the amount of protein your body needs every day as part of balanced nutrition and a healthy active lifestyle. #drdavidheber #drdavidhebertraining #exercise #shoulders #upperbodyworkout to learn more go to and

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