Diet Myth #12: COCONUT DIET doesn’t cause weight loss

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COCONUT DIET doesn't cause weight loss. The idea came up because coconut has an oil made up of more than half its fats with 8 to 12 carbons. These fats enter the energy factories of the cells in your body more easily than other fats like corn oil which have fatty acids with 16 or more carbons. The idea was that more fat would be burned than stored compared to other fats. Studies failed to show a benefit for weight loss except for one small study in Brazil which compared coconut oil to corn oil. Saturated fats are not as well absorbed as corn oil so this was not a fair comparison. Saturated fats contribute to atherosclerosis and in studies in rabbits the late Dr. David Kritchevsky found that coconut oil caused the greatest inflammation and plaque growth of any fat he tested. The American Heart Association, the FDA, the WHO, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services all recommend against coconut oil due to increased risk of heart disease. You can still enjoy whole coconut flesh since it is only 10% fat and 280 Calories per cup. Coconut won't help you lose weight, but a coconut water makes a great drink and you can put an umbrella on top! #drdavidheber #coconut #diet #butter #heart

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