Diet Myth #14: Sea Buckthorn Oil or Omega-7 Oil does not cause weight loss.

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Sea Buckthorn Oil or Omega-7 Oil does not cause weight loss. Sea Buckthorn berries grown mostly in Mongolia, Russia and China on bushes and not in the sea have a fatty acid in the fruit flesh called palmitoleic acid. This is an omega-7 fatty acid which has 16 carbons and one double bond. It is not something magical just a different chemical structure from omega-3 in fish oils, omega-6 in many vegetable oils, and omega-9 in olive oil, avocados, and nuts. Sea Buckthorn fruit oil is the richest source but Macadamia nuts also have this fatty acid. Since the fruit is orange, it also has some beta-carotene and it has some vitamin E. Fruits in all the color groups have many compounds not just one. The Sea Buckthorn seed oil is also sold but only has omega-3,6,and 9 fatty acids. Fed to mice on a high fat diet, the fruit extract including the oil inhibited weight as do lots of fruit extracts. When tested in humans, there was no significant weight loss. A tiny decrease in waist circumference was noted and bilberry famous for its effects on might vision in fighter pilots in World War II did even better. The lesson here is: don't buy something for weight loss just because you never heard of it before. There is something proven to work – Protein-Rich Shakes, Healthy Active Lifestyle, and Balanced Nutrition!! #drdavidheber #diet #fruit #fat #omega7 #omega3 #omega369 to learn more go to and

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