Herbal Fact #4: BLACK COHOSH is an herb used to relieve menopausal symptoms.

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BLACK COHOSH is an herb used to relieve menopausal symptoms. It grows wild and is cultivated as a member of the buttercup flower family. It is also a pretty ornamental flower in gardens. The roots are dried and used to make the supplement. It grows wild in woodlands in the eastern part of North America. It was used by Native Americans to treat various conditions but the was adopted by physicians in the 1800's who called it snakeroot for use against a variety of conditions in women. While marketed today for relief of menopausal symptoms, it does not contain estrogen or estrogen- like substances. While not proven to work, you will see this mentioned as a treatment for menopausal symptoms. #drdavidheber #menopause #herbs to learn more go to www.drdavidheber.com and www.herbalifenutritioninstitute.com

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