PROBIOTICS are bacteria added to your food or drink which join the bacteria in your Microbiome and have a positive health effect.

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PROBIOTICS are bacteria added to your food or drink which join the bacteria in your Microbiome and have a positive health effect. The challenge for probiotics is getting past your stomach acid which kills 999 of every 1000 bacteria. The stomach acid protects us by killing bad bacteria in contaminated foods. Most probiotics try to overcome this by using billions of bacteria to get past the stomach and some have to be refrigerated. A probiotic made from Bacillus Coagulans 30 or BC30 has overcome this challenge. When grown quickly and then starved, this bacteria hibernates by making a shell called a spore. This allows the bacteria to survive without food and to withstand hot and cold temperatures. It doesn't come back to life until it has food, moisture and a temperature above 30 degrees Centigrade. So in your body, it survives the stomach acid and comes to life in your intestines where there is food, water, and a body temperature of 37 degrees. Since it is heat stable, it can be added to teas, protein shakes, or food without affecting taste. Clinical studies show that BC30 improves digestive function by improving common complaints of constipation and diarrhea and there is emerging science suggesting that BC30 helps to support your immune system. 70% of your immune system is located near your intestines and the immune system monitors the bacteria in your intestines. Balanced Nutrition including 25 grams of fiber, 6-8 glasses of fluid, and protein-rich shakes combined with a healthy active lifestyle will keep your gut healthy. You also need to refresh your Microbiome every day, because the BC30 is part of the gut bacteria that leaves your body every day. Think of it as your internal lawn that needs water and fresh bacterial soil every day. Plants live in soil made of bacteria, and their roots repel bad bacteria and attract good ones. All plants use the soil as part of their immune system, but we carry our soil with us in our intestines as the Microbiome. Be good to your Microbiome!! #drdavidheber #probiotics #microbiome #immunesystem #bc30 to learn more go to and

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