Sports Nutrition #4: RESTORE YOUR MUSCLES after exercise to relieve muscle soreness.

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RESTORE YOUR MUSCLES after exercise to relieve muscle soreness. During resistance exercise it is good to work your muscles to the point of exhaustion in order to build new muscle. When you do an eccentric movement shown in the figure for arms, shoulders, and even hamstrings in your legs you pull the muscle fibers apart causing a good inflammation which helps build muscle. You should not feel pain while lifting weights. Pain during exercise means you are doing the movement incorrectly and causing injury. Soreness 24 to 48 hours later is normal and is called delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. After exercise REFUEL your muscle with the carbohydrate lost by drinking your shake within 30 minutes; REHYDRATE by satisfying your thirst with your sports drink to replace fluids and electrolytes; and REPAIR your muscles by reaching your personal protein goal every day and having 20 grams of protein in your shake together with antioxidants from supplements, Colorful fruits and vegetables, fish oils from fish and fish oil supplements to reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Balanced Nutrition and a Healthy Active Lifestyle with Protein-Rich shakes is what you need. No Pain, No Gain" is simply wrong, but some muscle soreness is something normal that will help you get the body you want!! #drdavidheber #drdavidhebertraining #muscles #weightlifting #muscleup #hydration #refuel #musclesoreness #musclefood to learn more go to and

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