Behavior Change #3: SELF-MONITORING creates awareness which is the first step in Behavior Change.

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SELF-MONITORING creates awareness which is the first step in Behavior Change. The simple act of writing foods and activities into a log makes you responsible for your eating and exercise habits. It provides you with key information on how to change your habits to reach your personal goals. The simplest tool is simply a food and activity calendar that you can draw yourself or copy and print out shown here with columns for the days of the week and rows for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. It is work to write things down but you will learn a lot each week so you can plan ahead. For activity monitoring, you can buy an inexpensive pedometer. An easier way to self-monitor is to use a smartphone app. Smartphones have built-in step counters and programs can simplify recording food intake and activity. I wear a fitness watch which measures my pulse, steps, and sleep. Of course, taking a selfie as your body changes is another great way to monitor your progress and share it with others. Start monitoring your diet and exercise and encourage those you coach to do the same and you will see improved habits of diet and exercise and BETTER RESULTS!!!#drdavidheber #diet #exercise #behavior #selfie to learn more go to and

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