Sports Nutrition #5: SWEAT is Nature’s Air Conditioning System.

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SWEAT is Nature's Air Conditioning System. Sweating during exercise makes you feel good, because it is removing heat from your body. Every quart or liter of sweat takes 573 Calories of heat out of your body as it evaporates into the air. You boil water to turn it into steam and your body heat boils the sweat on your skin using the heat you generate during exercise. You don't get rid of all your sweat this way, which is why your clothing absorbs sweat and some sweat just drops off your body. You need to replace your lost fluids and thirst is your best guide. You should be well-hydrated before exercise and have one cup of water or sports hydration drink every 15-20 minutes if you are thirsty. If you are working out at your target heart rate and the air is warm you should be sweating and then thirsty. "Stay Thirsty My Friend!" #drdavidheber #drdavidhebertraining #sweaty #water #exercise #hydration #thirsty to learn more go to and

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