Behavior Change #5: STRESS can be good or bad.

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STRESS can be good or bad. Humans developed stress through evolution to run away from predators. The "fight or flight" response works through your nervous system to increase pulse, blood pressure, and sweating. You need some stress to get the energy to perform tasks. Too much stress due to poor work-life balance or poor time management Leads to fatigue, sleep disturbance and the most common form of depression which is linked to overeating and excess abdominal fat. Your muscles tense with stress and the muscles link to the brain to increase stress. Stress reduction can be achieved through exercise, massage, and progressive muscle relaxation by tensing and relaxing your muscles from head to toe. Mindfulness and meditation are skills you can learn to reduce stress for Balanced Nutrition and a Healthy Active Lifestyle! #drdavidheber #stress #mindbodysoul #meditation #relaxation to learn more go to and

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