Supplements #3: PROTEINS ARE DIGESTED into amino acids.

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PROTEINS ARE DIGESTED into amino acids. There are 20 common amino acids which are linked in chains to make up proteins. The chains are then folded and twisted into three dimensions giving proteins highly individual shapes to build cells and organs and carry out chemical reactions in your body. You don't store protein and excrete what you don't use every day. Every day and at every meal you need to eat the right proteins that deliver the amino acids you need to maintain and grow your muscles. There are 9 essential amino acids you must get from your diet. 7 more that you need to grow tissues, and 4 that are non-essential meaning the body can make them from other proteins. Soy is the best protein in the plant world. Whey protein is absorbed a little faster and preferred by weight lifters and athletes, but soy protein and whey in combination as found in pure protein supplements is the best combination for building muscle. Be sure to have protein-Rich shakes to get the proteins you need every day!! #drdavidheber #protein #aminoacids #soyprotein #wheyprotein to learn more go to and

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