Supplements #11: GARLIC SUPPLEMENTS have been studied extensively for their benefits on the heart.

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GARLIC SUPPLEMENTS have been studied extensively for their benefits on the heart. Of course, garlic has been consumed for thousands of years as a food, herb and spice. It is believed to be native to Siberia and spread from there around the world in many foods from Korean Kimchee to Italian pasta dishes. It is also taken as a supplement. Supplements should be standardized to content of allyl sulfides which are also found in asparagus, chives, and onions. In one study by Dr. Budoff and colleagues at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, it reduced the calcium deposited in the walls of the heart arteries in individuals with hardening of their heart arteries also known as atherosclerosis. Other studies have failed to find benefits for heart health. Garlic supplements often have the garlic odor removed by reducing the amount of fatty substances from garlic. As with broccoli, there is an enzyme required to liberate the allylsulfides from garlic, so use crushed garlic kept in a jar and refrigerated or fresh garlic that is pressed. However, cooking the garlic first before crushing will inactivate its benefits which is why cooked garlic as garlic butter has little odor or benefit. If you eat garlic, make sure your partner does too so that you won't notice the smell which does come out of the skin and breath. To avoid these issues, take a garlic supplement instead which has no odor and enjoy the taste of garlic as a spice in your food!! #garlic #supplements #heart to learn more go to and

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