Supplements #17: GRAPE SEED EXTRACT is a powerful antioxidant that contains proanthocyanidins.

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GRAPE SEED EXTRACT is a powerful antioxidant that contains proanthocyanidins. These phytonutrients are a byproduct of the wine industry also called OPC or oligomeric proanthocyanidins. The chemical structure of OPC's is similar to what is found in green tea, Pomegranate extract, and French pine tree bark pycnogenol. The grape seed extract also has vitamin E and some flavonoids, but it is best known for containing OPC's. In general, OPC's have a large chemical structure with many hydroxyl groups (OH in the figure) which give these compounds greater antioxidant potency than simpler structures. Green tea contains catechins and the OPC are simply two or three of these catechins structures linked together (called dimers and trimers). While grape seed extract is the most famous source of OPC's, they are found in many fruits, cocoa, and nuts including cranberries, blueberries, cinnamon, hawthorn, rose hip, strawberries, Aronia, and Sea Buckthorn. In all these plants the proanthocyanidins serve to defend plants against bacteria, fungi, molds, and insects as part of the plant's defense system. These compounds have only been studied since the 1970's and much more research is needed. There is evidence of some heart health and antioxidant/anti-inflammatory effects on blood vessels. This supplement is available as a liquid, powder, and capsule. Grape seed extract is not a unique source of these antioxidants, but a great example of another gift from the Plant World that helps balance oxidant stress in our bodies!! #drdavidheber #antioxidant #heart #wine #redwine #grapes #grapeseed #grapeseedextract to learn more go to and

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