24 Hour Nutrition #2: 24 HOUR NUTRITION: FEEDING AND FASTING happens every day because when you are sleeping, you are not eating.

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24 HOUR NUTRITION: FEEDING AND FASTING happens every day because when you are sleeping, you are not eating. Your body actually begins the metabolic adaptation to starvation while you sleep taking amino acids from your muscle and converting them to glucose to keep your brain functioning. When you are awake and eating, all the genes, hormones and signals for digestion, activity, and alertness are working. Over 100 biological clocks in your body must be synchronized to the day/night cycle every day. When these clocks are thrown off in animals and humans, the result is overweight and obesity. The body can be fooled by changing clock genes in lab animals, or by changing the daylight/night cycle. They can also be thrown off in people by too much light at night such as computer work or television, by late night eating or eating foods at odd times during the day with no set pattern. The main message is that you need to keep your nutrition and exercise in line with your day/night cycle wherever you live and pay attention to it when you travel through time zones!! Eat breakfast by having a Protein-Rich Shake and plan your lunch, afternoon snack, and evening shake and your exercise so you have a regular schedule every day and sleep at the same times each night!! #drdavidheber #fasting #sleep #eating #awake #clocks to learn more go to www.drdavidheber.com and www.herbalifenutritioninstitute.com

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