MUSCLE #4, UNDERSTANDING MUSCLE TYPES is key to planning your exercises to build, tone, and shape specific muscles.

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UNDERSTANDING MUSCLE TYPES is key to planning your exercises to build, tone, and shape specific muscles. There are three types of muscle I want to emphasize. First, there is skeletal muscle that moves limbs and your body when you want to move. You visualize a movement, trigger a nerve impulse to the muscle and make the desired movement. Sensors in the muscle allow you to check on the movement and make sure it moved correctly. This is how golfers master the difficult movements for hitting a golf ball. After many repetitions, there is muscle memory and you don't have to think each time. Secondly, there is involuntary smooth muscle in your intestines and heart. They move in response to unconscious signals and function without your knowledge, but stress and anxiety affect them. The third group I want to emphasize are posture muscles. They are skeletal muscles but they stay in one position either contracted or relaxed for long periods of time. Specific posture exercises to strengthen the Core muscles,Glutes, upper and lower back muscles, shoulders, neck, and chest are often ignored. All muscles can be built up with resistance exercise and protein, but to get the shape you want -you need to do exercises targeted at specific muscles followed within 30 to 60 minutes with a Protein-Rich Shake to give that muscle the building block amino acids to make more protein and grow!! #drdavidheber #muscles #protein #exercise #strength #posture #heart #digestion to learn more go to and

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