MUSCLE #5, THE CORE MUSCLES are more than just the six-pack of abdominal muscles you see in the front.

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THE CORE MUSCLES are more than just the six-pack of abdominal muscles you see in the front. The CORE muscles go around to the back where they support and stabilize your spine. These muscles support almost every movement of the middle of your body from twisting to bending and they are so important for good posture. They are under conscious control. When you are lost in thought or feeling down, they will loosen and permit bad posture. If you contract your core muscles by squeezing the Glutes, and pushing your stomach muscles in, you will find your chest moving up and out providing a strong base for good posture. The CORE muscles include the small muscles in the lower back called quadratus lumborum which work together with the large Glute muscles to pull you back while the Hip Flexors in the front work to bend forward and balance the force of the Glutes. The Rectus Abddomini are the muscles in the front that masked up the six pack while the Lats or latissimus dorsi are on the sides of the core. It is important to balance your muscles in order to gain tone so your CORE can provide you with protection from low back pain – one of the most common forms of joint pain. As you work your abs with sit-ups put a soft vinyl ball between your lower back and the floor and keep your back straight as you move your chest upwards. Don't curl your back or use your neck muscles to raise your head. Visualize your abs and use those. After exhausting your muscles with 20 to 50 reps, they will ache. This is normal, and you can reduce the pain while they recover by lying on your side. There are lots of core exercises and CORE programs. In future posts, there will be details about CORE exercises beyond the famous sit-up. About half of the time you spend in your workout should be on the CORE with the rest on chest, shoulders, arms, neck, and back. Remember to include aerobics such as high intensity interval training in between your muscle work and have a Protein-Rich shake within 30 to 60 minutes after your workout!! #drdavidheber #drdavidhebertraining #abs #core #glutes #back #situps to learn more go to and

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