MUSCLES #16, THE IT BAND is a large tendon-like band that connects the HIP and GLUTE muscles to the KNEES and runs along the sides of the upper thighs.

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THE IT BAND is a large tendon-like band that connects the HIP and GLUTE muscles to the KNEES and runs along the sides of the upper thighs. It is commonly strained in runners who get pain on the outer sides of their knees and along the outer thighs from repeated bending of the knees and pushing off as they run long distances. To prevent this, always stretch the legs and roll the IT band on a foam roller. I do this before every exercise session of the lower body muscles at the same time, I also roll the quadriceps and Gluteus muscles. You can stretch by putting a yoga block or pillow behind your head and stretching your legs on a wall while lying down. At first rolling on the IT BAND will be painful as you loosen up the tissues connecting the large muscle in the legs, hips and Gluteus muscles. These tissues are called fascia and are transparent sheets of connective tissues that contract around unused muscles that stay in the same position for hours each day. After the first few times you will find the rolling and stretching to be more comfortable and even relaxing as you get ready to exercise. Remember to have your Protein-Rich Shake within 30 minutes to one hour after your exercise session and stay well-hydrated to avoid muscle cramps. You should also roll the IT band and quads after doing a leg press or other heavy lower body resistance exercise. The TFL or Tensor Fasciae Latae muscle is located on the side of the hip. Use a small ball like a pink handball and place it under the TFL as you like on top of the ball extending and flexing your leg. Abduction exercises where you move your leg to the side with a resistance band above the ankles will also help prevent IT band problems. Exercising the lower body is essential to good health and keeping these large muscles stretched and relaxed will help you build stability and strength!!! #drdavidheber #hips #glutes #knees #cramps #protein #hydration to learn more go to and www.herbalifenutritioninstitute.comp

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