MUSCLES #17, FEET are often forgotten, but taking care of your feet will help you avoid problems with your ankles, knees,and hips.

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FEET are often forgotten, but taking care of your feet will help you avoid problems with your ankles, knees,and hips. The feet have small muscles and tendons which move the toes and link to the ankle bones to angle your feet, a movement called pronation which you use to get up on your toes or push off when you run. There are 20 muscles in the foot. They give the foot its shape by holding the bones in place and they contract or lengthen to move the foot up (anterior tibial), support the arch (posterior tibial), move the outside of the ankle (peroneal tibial), raise the toes (extensors), and stabilize the toes against the ground (flexors). Only 20% of people have their feet aligned correctly. 40% have an inward slant and 40% have an outward slant. These and other problems of foot contact with shoes can be helped by using orthotics in your shoes. They are available from podiatrists and over the counter where machines can measure how your feet contact the floor. Ligaments hold tendons in place on the bottom of the foot and move the arch up and down. Overuse and running can lead to pain on the bottom of the feet. To relieve foot pain roll your feet over a ball or a cold plastic bottle. The largest and strongest tendon of the foot is the Achilles tendon which goes from the calf muscle to the heel. You can stretch this tendon gently before exercise with a towel or by standing on a slanted board. As you go through your daily activities and exercises take care of your feet – they are more complicated than you think and support your weight. Ankle pain and knee pain are common with overweight and obesity so be sure to take your Protein-Rich shakes with Balanced Nutrition and a Healthy Active Lifestyle to achieve and maintain your best personal weight and healthy feet!! #drdavidheber #feet #pain #ankles #knees #shoes #orthotics to learn more go to and

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