NUTRITION HOW’S #14: HOW MUCH CARBOHYDRATE? Now that we have discussed protein and fat, it is time to talk about Carbohydrates.

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NUTRITION HOW’S #14: HOW MUCH CARBOHYDRATE? Now that we have discussed protein and fat, it is time to talk about Carbohydrates. I have left them in third place, because unlike protein and fat (in very small amounts) – there is no requirement for carbohydrates. When you don’t eat them, your body makes them from protein. This happens every night when you are sleeping or during any time you are fasting as many do around the world as a religious practice. The official Institute of Medicine recommendation is 45% to 65% of calories. In response to consumer desires, food manufacturers separated the starches from grains and combined them with hidden sugar and fat to make breads, cakes, and pastries that are so tasty sweet that they promote obesity. Of course, the food industry needs you to eat a lot of these high profit foods that can even be addictive. In my opinion, 40% is enough and most should come from vegetables, fruits, nuts and some whole grains while being conscious of added sugar and fat. Sugar and fat are needed for taste, and you cannot be on a zero carbohydrate diet, but you can choose to avoid soft drinks, cakes, pastries, and ice cream when managing your weight. These foods have a high Glycemic index or GI and raise blood sugar which stimulates insulin. Insulin normally lowers blood sugar and deposits extra glucose and fat in your fat cells. However, as your body deposits fat, it causes insulin resistance so more insulin is needed to lower blood glucose and more insulin leads to more fat in a vicious cycle. As you lose fat, your insulin levels go down. Use Protein-Rich Shakes every day to control hunger and build muscle with exercise. When you are not hungry, you will have the willpower to avoid high sweet/high fat foods and muscle takes up glucose independent of insulin with exercise helping you lower insulin levels and lose fat. Carbs are not poisons but eat the right ones in the right amounts for Balanced Nutrition and a Healthy Active Lifestyle!! #drdavidheber #carbs #weightlossjourney #insulin #sugar to learn more go to and

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