NUTRITION WHY’S #11: SUGAR AND FOOD CRAVING- Humans love sugar from an early age, and even baby mice smile when they eat sugar.

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NUTRITION WHY'S: SUGAR AND FOOD CRAVING- Humans love sugar from an early age, and even baby mice smile when they eat sugar. We evolved to love sweet because it meant there was a healthy fruit being eaten. Since the 1600's sugar has been in the human food supply in huge amounts as 120 metric tons per year are consumed. However, most of that's in processed foods like cakes, cookies, doughnuts, and pastries as well as colas and other sugary drinks. Every time you have a sweet, it turns on the reward center in the brain. This center is activated continuously in alcoholics, drug addicts, and other forms of addiction. The chemical that sends the signal is called dopamine. Some 20% of alcoholics and 50% of the obese population in my clinic at UCLA have a genetic variation in the protein that receives the dopamine signal called the DRD2 gene. As the receiver is less sensitive, you need to eat more and more sugar to get the same positive feeling. Eventually as shown in the brain scans, the cells get worn out by the constant stimulation requiring more and more. To overcome these cravings, you have to control hunger by having a Protein-Rich Shake for breakfast, mid-afternoon, and with or after your evening meal. Once you have controlled your hunger, you can begin to avoid buying or eating sweet snacks by substituting berries and other fruits and vegetables to re-educate your taste buds to less sweetness. Remember to exercise every day- it is the only healthy addiction and it will help you avoid cravings !!! #drdavidheber #sugar #cravings to learn more go to and

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