NUTRITION WHY’S #38: WHY CHROMIUM ? Chromium is a trace mineral involved in normal uptake of glucose into cells.

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NUTRITION WHY’S #38: WHY CHROMIUM ? Chromium is a trace mineral involved in normal uptake of glucose into cells. Glucose comes from sugars and carbohydrates but can be made by the body from amino acids in protein as happens every night when you are sleeping but not eating. Glucose is used for energy by many cells in the body including muscle cells. Chromium is found in nature in two forms Chromium 6+ which is a toxin found in the soil near oil wells and made famous by the movie “Erin Brokovich” about a secretary who sued an oil company over this toxin and Chromium 3+ which is a required trace mineral in yeast and many vegetables. In Brewer’s Yeast Chromium 3+ is found naturally linked up loosely with Glutathione (an important antioxidant made up of three amino acids) and two molecules of a B vitamin (niacin) to form what is called Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF). GTF helps the hormone insulin get glucose into cells. In supplements chromium is also found as Chromium chloride and Chromium picolinate. Chromium deficiency which is rare, causes high blood sugar and blood fats (triglycerides). Deficiency may occur in some people with diabetes where Chromium supplements can lower blood sugar. The daily requirement is small at 35 micrograms for men and 25 micrograms for women. It is found in multivitamins and in some supplements. It does not help with weight management or muscle building. You get enough Chromium from Balanced Nutrition and a daily multivitamin/multimineral to support a Healthy Active Lifestyle and your Best Personal Shape!!!#drdavidheber #chromium #vitamins #minerals to learn more go to and

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