PERSONALIZATION # 1: PERSONALIZED NUTRITION ? Personalization is about much more than just your genes.

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PERSONALIZATION # 1: PERSONALIZED NUTRITION ? Personalization is about much more than just your genes. Your genes are half from your mother and half from your father which is why they are encoded on a double helix called DNA packed into 23 chromosome rods inside all the cells of your body. There are about 20,000 genes but only a small fraction are active at any time. To activate the genes, special proteins open up the DNA so that the genetic code of four letters (ATGC) is repeated in random order like a computer code and then copied onto RNA, another linear code (AUGC) which exactly mirrors the DNA code. This strand is then used within a protein-making ribosome using small RNA transporters to bring each of 21 amino acids together to form the 5000 proteins in the body which carry out all the steps in metabolism. Only a small fraction of the DNA is used to make protein. Most of the DNA codes for regulators that turn this process on and off. You are more than your genes. Your diet, physical activity, lifestyle, Microbiome, and body composition all contribute to your identity and influence personalized nutrition. In the future, advanced computers will integrate all this information, but there are tools you can use today which I will tell you about in my next post. To learn more get Personalized Nutrition and Transformation, an e-book from for $5.49. See you tomorrow!#drdavidheber #personalizednutrition #genetics #diet #exercise to learn more go to and

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