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GENETICS OF “GOOD” CHOLESTEROL? – Cholesterol and other blood fats are carried in the blood by particles called lipoproteins. These particles are water-friendly on the outside and carry the oil-like fats including cholesterol on the inside. These particles also have proteins on their surface directing their destinations and metabolism. They are classified by how they float in a sugar solution when spun in a test tube at high speeds: HDL means high density lipoprotein because it is the one that settles to the bottom of the test tube. The largest and least dense particle called a chylomicron takes the fat from your intestines to the liver where they are packaged into LDL (low density) particles, VLDL (very low density) particles or HDL which carry cholesterol and triglycerides through the blood sometimes depositing these in the heart blood vessel walls where they promote heart disease. HDL cholesterol is called good cholesterol because the HDL particle pick up cholesterol from the blood vessels and takes it out of the body and to organs including the adrenal glands, ovaries and testis to make cortisol, estrogen and testosterone. HDL particles also have an antioxidant enzyme (PON1) and are anti-inflammatory. People vary in the gene for a protein called ABCA1 which deposits cholesterol into HDL.If your genes program less ABCA1, you have lower HDL. This genetics is made worse by excess abdominal fat which further raises blood fat (triglycerides) and also lowers HDL. This is the most common blood cholesterol risk pattern among Mexicans and Mexican-Americans increasing the risk of heart disease. Balanced Nutrition and Healthy Active Lifestyle can help reduce triglycerides, increase HDL and reduce the risk of heart disease even in those with the genes for low levels of ABCA1 and low HDL !! #drdavidheber #cholesterol #heart to learn more go to and and read Personalized Nutrition and Transformation by Heber and Bowerman on for $5.49

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