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WEIGHT MANAGEMENT #10: WHAT IF I CAN’T LOSE WEIGHT? Weight management is supposed to lead to steady weight loss of 1 pound or 0.5 kilograms per week for every 500 Calories per day that you save through eating right and exercising. However, weight loss in the real world is not a straight line. At the beginning, you are doing great every week. Then an occasional slip occurs leading to temporary weight gain. You can lose this weight quickly by getting back on your plan. Sometimes the new habits stick and you get on what is known as a plateau named for the flat tops or mesas on some mountains. It is no too late ! Get back on your Protein-Rich Shakes and Balanced Nutrition with daily exercise and a Healthy Active Lifestyle and you will continue on your weight loss journey! Women sometimes gain a little weight at the end of their monthly cycle since the hormone progesterone goes up 1000 times and retains water and salt in the body. Another cause for a plateau is that you have built muscle and have a new target weight. Finally, weight loss slows down as you approach your target weight much like landing a plane and is almost never a straight line for anyone!! #drdavidheber #weightlossjourney #exercise #protein #shape to learn more go to www.drdavidheber.com and www.herbalifenutritioninstitute.com and read PERSONALIZED NUTRITION AND TRANSFORMATION by me and Susan Bowerman on Amazon.com as an e-book for $5.49.

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