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WEIGHT MANAGEMENT BASICS #1 : SEVEN SIMPLE STEPS – Welcome to a new series designed to help someone lose weight who knows absolutely nothing about how to lose weight but has heard bits and pieces here and there and cannot put a program together: 1) Set a goal that makes sense based on the personal “Why”;2) Start every day with a Protein-Rich Shake for breakfast – the most important meal of the day! 3) Choose a meal plan based on your personal protein goal based on your lean body mass estimated from height and weight on a BMI chart or estimated by measuring bioelectrical impedance; 4) Drink 6-8 glasses of water and tea to stay hydrated; 5) Get natural caffeine for mental energy to focus on your daily plan; 6) Personalize your nutrition with a Multivitamin, Calcium, Vitamin D, Fish Oil, and other Supplements; 7) Exercise daily to burn calories and maintain your muscles. Write your plan and set a date to get started. Tomorrow I will discuss how to set a goal that makes sense – So stay tuned!!#drdavidheber #weightlossjourney #protein #exercise #goals #caffeine #supplements to learn more go to www.drdavidheber.com and www.herbalifenutritioninstitute.com. Also you can read an e-book for $5.49 called PERSONALIZED NUTRITION AND TRANSFORMATION by me and Susan Bowerman available on Amazon.com

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