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WEIGHT MANAGEMENT BASICS #12: WHAT NOT TO EAT? When you are managing your weight, it important to know what to eat AND what NOT to eat!! Over the last 40 years the food industry has been promoting high fat/high salt/high sugar unhealthy snack foods and fast foods because they sell so well !! I call these “Trigger Foods” because as a famous potato chip commercial declared “you can’t eat just one!”. These foods activate the same reward center in the brain as addictive drugs like opioids and alcohol which reduces stress and improves mood when you are down. What is not fun is how they can sabotage your plan by adding lots of calories as fat and sugar. Sweets like cakes, cookies, colas and soft drinks, cupcakes and pastries, and ice cream can lead to sugar addiction especially in women. Red meats, steaks, sausages, pretzels, chips, and pizza are savory Trigger Foods that tend to be more appealing to men. The best approach is to remove these from your pantry and eat measured amounts for pleasure not stress reduction away from home. If you don’t buy them or have them in your pantry- you can’t eat them! Don’t skip meals, because when you are hungry you are likely to be less selective in the foods you choose. Always have your Protein-Rich Shakes on time and deal with your everyday stress in other ways including a Healthy Active Lifestyle. Exercise is the only healthy addiction and the best exercise is to walk away from these Trigger Foods!! #drdavidheber #weightlossjourney #snacks #addiction #protein to learn more go to www.drdavidheber.com and www.herbalifenutritioninstitute.com and read PERSONALIZED NUTRITION AND TRANSFORMATION available on Amazon.com for $5.49

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