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WEIGHT MANAGEMENT BASICS #2:WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? When you first start a weight loss journey, it is important to know your goal. Do you want to improve your health? Do you want to build muscle and lose fat to get into great shape? Or do you just want to lose enough weight so you look better in your clothes for an upcoming wedding or other family event? Your goal has to be Specific. What is your target weight? It has to be Attainable. If you need to lose a lot, set an interim goal and re-evaluate when you get there. It has to be Realistic. Don’t wish for the impossible- this is about reaching your personal best (Level 10). Why was it difficult to lose weight in the past? What worked for you? What rewards make the effort worthwhile? Getting to your target weight will make you feel good, but remember to continue to work on the other parts of your personal development including the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. Losing weight does not solve all the world’s problems. Your goal has to be Timed. Set a date to start your weight loss journey and prepare for it by finding a coach or mentor to help you make a plan which I will discuss next time- so stay tuned. Remember, if you don’t know where you are going – chances are you won’t get there!! #drdavidheber #weightlossjourney #goals #coach #mentor to learn more go to www.drdavidheber.com and www.herbalifenutritioninstitute.com and read Personalized Nutrition and Transformation by Heber and Bowerman available on Amazon.com for $5.49. You need an Amazon account which is free and you need to download the Kindle app to your computer , smartphone, or iPad.

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