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WEIGHT MANAGEMENT BASICS #15: THE WEIGHT GAIN ENVIRONMENT- Overweight and obesity are increasing around the world due to an imbalance between food intake and exercise. While our bodies hang onto extra calories due to our metabolism and adaptation to starvation, the outside factors in our environment play a significant role and these factors are called the “Obesogenic Environment”. We are surrounded by high fat/high salt/high sugar foods 24 hours a day which reduce our appetite control and motivation to exercise. Dietary factors include hidden fat and sugar in fast foods and processed snack foods and increased portion size. Cultural factors include the acceptance of overweight and obesity in many cultures and the movement of people from rural to urban settings where fast foods and reduced daily exercise promote obesity. Economic and social factors such as the cost of foods and inconsistent income leading to insecure food supplies drive people to eat less healthy inexpensive foods. We make 200 unconscious food decisions every day driven by internal and external factors promoting weight gain. Protein-Rich Shakes, Balanced Nutrition and a Healthy Active Lifestyle work to help you achieve your best personal shape and in the next few posts I am going to discuss the behaviors you can use to make this work for you -so stay tuned!!! #drdavidheber #obesity #environment #behavior #unconscious #weightlossjourney

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