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WEIGHT MANAGEMENT BASICS: #22 SELF-MONITORING- A conscience is the knowledge that someone is watching you, and with Self-Monitoring that someone is you!! Today there are many self-monitoring devices that count your steps each day and measure your heart rate. Many people just wear these for a while without taking the next step of analyzing their behavior in nutrition and exercise. You need to use a written record or a document on your computer or cellphone of your progress each day and each week. Record your feelings and mood as you achieve each of your milestones on the way to your ultimate goal. You can supplement your record with Selfies along the way to create a visual record to share with others. As you have your daily Protein-Rich Shake you can check that off your daily list and then add in servings of fruits and vegetables or estimate your daily calories eaten and burned. Document your shake after a workout as well. You will find that the simple act of writing things down or recording and reviewing them will change your behavior as you reflect on keeping up your plan for Balanced Nutrition and a Healthy Active Lifestyle!! #drdavidheber #selfies #weightlossjourney to learn more go to www.drdavidheber.com and www.herbalifenutritioninstitute.com and read PERSONALIZED NUTRITION AND TRANSFORMATION available on Amazon.com for$5.49

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