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COACHING #1 : SIX SIMPLE STEPS- Today we star a new series on Coaching where you will learn how to change other people’s lives in a series os simple steps that help you transfer your knowledge and skills to others. Wellness Coaching includes encouraging others in the areas of nutrition, fitness, and behavior which can lead to Personalized Transformation. In each of these areas of coaching, there are basic techniques for transferring information, inspiration, and determination, and I will go over those in future posts. For now, let’s look at the six steps in any coaching effort: 1) Establish Rapport so that the person you are coaching can relate to you and trust you; 2) Gather Information on past habits and future intentions; 3) Plan Goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time specified; 4) Develop Solutions that work through Balanced Nutrition and Healthy Active Lifestyle; 5) Implement those plans; 6) obtain feedback from the person or group you are coaching and evaluate their progress to see where adjustments and improvements are needed. As you coach others, you willThese steps apply to all Coaching whether in nutrition, fitness, or wellness and the benefit of practicing these steps is that you can personalize your Coaching efforts to improve Results!!! #drdavidheber #coaching #personalized #nutrition #fitness to learn more go to and notice benefits to your own habits including your diet and lifestyle. To learn more go to and and read PERSONALIZED NUTRITION AND TRANSFORMATION available as an e-book on for $5.49.

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