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COACHING #2: ESTABLISH RAPPORT- The first step in Coaching is to establish rapport which is simply connecting with the person you are meeting for the first time on social media or in person. There are six basic steps in establishing your position as a coach: 1) Check your appearance by making sure it is appropriate to the image you wish to project. Dress up or down as needed, but always be as clean and neat as possible; 2) Practice good communication skills. Listen actively before you talk. Don’t practice what you need to say next while someone else is talking; 3) Find common ground and talk about interests you share; 4) Create a shared experience such as an exercise session or cooking class; 5) Be empathic and understand where the other person is coming from and what they are feeling; 6) Use your mannerisms and speech to connect with the person you are coaching by putting your idea into a memorable phrase or gesture that they can remember. Every person you meet is worth the effort of trying to establish rapport, but it will not happen 100% of the time. Stay confident and practice these six steps. After all, your Mission for Nutrition is important as you teach others about Balanced Nutrition and a Healthy Active Lifestyle!! #drdavidheber #coaching #rapport #connection to learn more go to and and read PERSONALIZED NUTRITION AND TRANSFORMATION

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