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WEIGHT MANAGEMENT BASICS #24:#7 SCAPULA AND POSTURE EXERCISES-Standing up straight and having great Posture starts with a strong base as you tighten and tone your Glutes and Abs. Then you push out your Chest with your Pecs and Traps, and finally you move your shoulders back and flex neck into proper position. A common neck and shoulder problem is called the “Crossed X” shown in the slide where the shoulders fall forward and the head moves forward like a turtle sticking its head out of its shell. This bad posture can lead to neck and shoulder pain and even headaches. When you let everything relax the shoulders fall forward separating the scapula or shoulder blades which lets your head move forward. The Abs may also relax pushing your stomach out and making you look more overweight. To correct this posture you need to do exercises that bring the shoulder blades together in the midline of the back while pulling in your stomach by tightening your abs. Rowing and lifting weight while lying on an exercise bench will strengthen the back and condition the upper back muscles you need for great posture. Remember to have your Protein-Rich Shake within 30 minutes to 1 hour after your workout. For great Posture, you also need a positive attitude. When you are feeling down or lost in thought the Crossed X posture can sneak up on you. In a photo of people walking around after a fire or other catastrophe, it is common to see people walking around in this bent over posture. Just as negative thoughts can lead to bad posture-bad posture can affect your spirit and confidence. You want to hold your head up high and feel good about yourself, and now you know how to do that! Next time I will talk about the Biceps and Triceps-the most talked about “show off” muscles!! Short-fillers for the guys and a fit look for women who want their best shape!! #drdavidheber #posture #neck #head #shoulders #back to learn more go to www.drdavidheber.com and www.herbalifenutritioninstitute.com and read PERSONALIZED NUTRITION AND TRANSFORMATION available on Amazon.com for $5.49

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