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BRAIN HEALTH #7: KNOW YOUR BRAIN SIGNALS-Hundreds of billions of nerve cells in your brain communicate with each other through electrical signals that travel to nerve endings where they release small packets of chemicals called neurotransmitters. Like a runner passing a baton in a relay race, these chemicals are received across a gap called the synapse by the receiving cell and the nerve signal continues on its way. Examples include Dopamine ( triggered by desire), Serotonin (triggered by satisfaction/happiness), and Oxytocin (triggered by hugging and intimate contact). Endorphin (natural forms of morphine made by our brains are actually more than one form and are also called Endorphins) moves backwards from the receiving to the sending cell to calm all the transmissions going on at rest. Endorphins bathe large areas of the brain when you have intense pleasure from sex or food, exercise, or in the moment when you are first injured where it combats pain so you can protect yourself from further injury. Your Trigger Foods work through Dopamine and with Sugar Addiction it takes intense sweet, salt, and fat foods to trigger your Dopamine receptors on receiving cells. A genetic difference in receptivity to Dopamine has been found in Alcohol and Sugar Addiction. Exercise can help you fight these urges by stimulating Endorphins as shown in the brain scan on the slide comparing the brain scan of a child at rest to the same child after 20 minutes of exercise as Endorphins shown in the orange and red colors bathe large areas of the brain. Exercise is a healthy habit and an exercise session of 30 to 45 minutes can help you fight your bad food habits and addictions by triggering Endorphins which lead to the “runners high”. Learn to harness all your brain signals throughout the day by following a regular schedule of meals, daily exercise, and good sleep using Protein-Rich Shakes, Balanced Nutrition, and a Healthy Active Lifestyle!! #drdavidheber #brainhealth #pleasure #endorphins to learn more go to and and read PERSONALIZED NUTRITION AND TRANSFORMATION available as an e-book on for $5.49

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