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COACHING #5: DEVELOP SOLUTIONS-Now that you have planned goals together with your client, it is time to develop solutions. Using the example of weight management, there are many solutions out there. Your task is to find solutions that are science-based and include Balanced Nutrition and Healthy Active Lifestyle. Find detailed plans that include meal replacements and portion controlled meals along with a daily schedule that can be personalized. In deciding on exercise and healthy activity solutions, look at many different options with different levels of activity and personalize for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced individual. Having a variety of choices of solutions rather than a “one size fits all” plan, will make you a better coach. Prepare these materials before you meet so that you can provide them easily during your coaching session. In my next post, I will describe to you how to implement and put your solutions into action during meetings with individuals or groups of participants-so stay tuned!! #drdavidheber #coaching #solutions #weightlossmotivation #weightlossjourney to learn more go to and and read PERSONALIZED NUTRITION AND TRANSFORMATION available on for $5.49.

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