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FAT FACTS #4: LOWER BODY FAT – Lower body fat in the hips and thighs almost exclusively occurs in women since it is stimulated and maintained by the female hormones called estrogens. It can occur in older men with very low testosterone levels but this is rare. Women can have an “Apple” shape with most of this fat in the upper body or a “Pear” shape with more lower body fat. Men only get upper body fat when they gain weight. As women approach age 50 and menopause, body fat shifts from the lower body to the upper body which explains in part the increased risks of a number of diseases affected by inflammation after menopause. Lower body fat is good fat by comparison to abdominal fat, because it is anti-inflammatory. However, it is the hardest fat to lose. The upper body fat is lost first in the face, neck, chest, and inside the abdomen. The fat under the skin in the lower stomach, hips, and thighs can also form wrinkles called cellulite. Cellulite forms when the collagen fibers between fat cells breaks down from stretching so that the fat cells on either side dimple up. To get rid of lower body fat, stay consistent with diet and lifestyle and combine your Protein-Rich Shakes with Balanced Nutrition and focus on lower body resistance exercises with bands, weights, or Pilates in addition to high intensity interval training. Learn about your personal best shape. You cannot change basic anatomy. Once you get in shape, you may still have a larger lower body, but personal tastes are changing and I see women and their men celebrating their best personal shape. So love your body whether it is an Apple or a Pear!! #drdavidheber #fat #weightlossjourney to learn more go to www.drdavidheber.com and www.herbalifenutrioninstitute.com

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