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PHYTONUTRIENTS #1: WHAT ARE PHYTONUTRIENTS? -Today we start a new series on Phytonutrients, the antioxidant pigments that give plants their color. There are 150,000 to 200,000 edible plant species on Earth and humans eat only 150 to 200 of these. Over the last two hundred years, plant foods have been genetically modified by cross-fertilization to achieve more sweetness and other desirable characteristics. Ancient man ate about 200 different plant foods including flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds. Today most people eat only 2 or 3 of the five servings of 100 grams recommended by governments based on taste and convenience rather than health. I wrote “What Color Is Your Diet?” 17 years ago with Susan Bowerman in which each of seven different color groups provide different families of antioxidants that also have other functions in different organs in the body from the brain and eyes to the skin and prostate gland. When you eat 100 grams from each of the seven color groups each day, not only will you benefit from the phytonutrients in each group, but you will do this with only a total of 500 Calories, 25 grams of filling fiber, and the water and potassium naturally found in fruits and vegetables. This colorful diet fits beautifully into your Weight Management or Shape-Up Plan when you reduce refined carbohydrates and follow a plan with Protein-Rich Shakes, Balanced Nutrition, and a Healthy Active Lifestyle!! Stay tuned as I discuss the Red,Orange,Yellow-Orange, Yellow-Green, Green, White-Green, and Red-Purple Groups in the next 7 Posts!! #drdavidheber #phytonutrients #antioxidants to learn more go to and and read PERSONALIZED NUTRITION AND TRANSFORMATION available as an e-book on for $5.49

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